A high energy workout utilising a height adjustable step combined with movements over, on and around the step will push muscle toning and cardio systems to their limits. Looking for a class to tone legs and your backside? Step will shape your body to new limits by combining interval and circuit training.

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55 minutes

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Friday at 5:30 pm

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What is involved?

Want a class that is going to push you to your limits? If you’re finding HIT challenging and want a new class to help tone and shape then try STEP.

An intense fitness class utilising a adjustable STEPĀ  combines with a variety of techniques over around and on the STEP including circuits and much more, if you like a hard-core old fashioned workout, this one is for you!

Why will I benefit?

STEP is the ultimate burn for your lower torso. Incorporating lower body circuit training and intervals, STEP is motivating, invigorating andĀ  lots of fun.

What do I need?

Towel and drink bottle.

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