Member of the Month: Angela

Posted on Monday, 28 October 2019

Congratulations to Angela Attie for becoming the C-Life October member of the month. Angela takes her fitness seriously and has been training at C-Life for the past 6 years. Angela’s favourite classes are Revive and Spin.

1. What motivates you to keep training?

To keep fit and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

2. What’s your biggest achievement since joining C-Life?

Since joining C-Life I feel more confident and stronger.

3. What advice would you offer someone who has just joined C-Life?

Try one of the group fitness classes because the instructors are awesome make it enjoyable, and have a positive manner in the way they interact with members.

4. What does your current training routine look like?

I participate in two classes: Revive with Norma and Spin with Matt.

5. How has being a C-Life member helped you with your fitness journey?

Before I felt unmotivated and did not have a lot of energy to train. However, since becoming a C-Life member I have more energy and can train for long periods. And currently I am training every morning at 7 am.

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