Posted on Wednesday, 30 August 2023

How long have you been a member of C-Life?

I’ve been a member for 21 years.

Please tell us a little about your current training

I do classes 3 – 4 times week. I love it as it pushes me past my limits whilst also keeping me fit and healthy.

What is your favourite meal?

I don’t have a favourite meal, but I have an acquired taste for chocolate, especially Nutella.

Outside of gym, how do you like to spend your time?

I spend time with my family, going out with friends, love shopping, and watching Netflix.

What are your fitness goals and what are you looking to achieve?

Staying active, healthy and keeping fit. Hoping to maintain my goal another 21 years.

Why have you been a member at C-life for many years, can you please tell us why you continue to visit our wonderful club?

You have a variety of machines, facilities and classes, along with friendly staff and members, creating an uplifting environment.


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