Posted on Monday, 22 January 2024

You have been a member of C-Life Health Club since 2014. What have you valued most while training at C-Life?

My health. I really see the way it keeps me feeling young and healthy. Even working as a nurse, my immune system is strong and I very rarely get sick. I’ve also made so many friends and it’s a really positive environment to spend my time.

What does your current workout consist of?

I love boxing, it gives me a great workout. I also do strength training and get so much out of my sessions with my Personal Trainer Noor. Mat Pilates once a week keeps my body balanced.

What is your 2024 health & fitness goal?

To keep challenging myself and staying positive. I’m 57 years of age and have 3 grandkids – I want to keep running after them and enjoy being active with them.

How does exercise benefit your life outside of the gym?

I feel younger, it makes my work day so much easier. My grandkids wrestle and I can wrestle with them. The gym gives me time to myself – my husband watches Netflix, I come to the gym!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their exercise journey?

Don’t hesitate to start and just keep going. The benefits will come with consistency and time. You have to love yourself first!

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