Member of the Month: Tamim

Posted on Thursday, 6 February 2020

Congratulations to Tamim Rabaa for becoming the C-Life January 2020 member of the month. Tamim comes in every time with a big smile, gives 100% every training session and enjoys some quality banter with his mates after each workout.

Tamim shares his experience on how training at C-Life has changed his life for the better.

How long have you been coming to C-Life?

I have been coming to C-Life for the past 4 years.

What sort of training do you do at C-Life?

I mainly focus on Bodybuilding. To get the maximum output I train a different muscle group each workout. More recently I have been training chest twice a week.

What has inspired you to improve your health and fitness?

Self-development physically and mentally to reach peak physical condition.

What results have you achieved since joining C-life?

My strength has improved dramatically and mentally I am now more disciplined to push myself outside my boundaries.

Who else have you inspired to train at C-Life? 

I have mainly inspired my close group of friends who also train here at C-Life.

What message do you have for those who are unsure about taking their fitness to the next level? 

To grow, you must step outside your comfort zone and do things that your body and mind are not used to.

How do you refuel after a training session? 

I take a few supplements including protein powder and BCAA’s. I consume adequate amounts of both Micro and Macronutrients. And I refuel mentally by reading books and self-reflection by writing my thoughts in a diary.

When you’re not training, what brings joy into your life? 

  • Reading books
  • Investing in my business
  • Helping others to be the best version of themselves

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