Why you should play squash

Posted on Friday, 12 August 2022

Here’s 4 reasons on why you should play squash this weekend :

  1. Squash is the world’s healthiest sport according to Forbes Magazine.
    Playing squash is equivalent to a full body workout. An intense match will see you burn more calories in 30 minutes than any other sport. A great way to stay fit!
  2. It is for everybody
    Squash can be played by all ages and experience and it’s easy to learn!
  3. You can play all year round
    At C-life, we have an indoor squash court so you can play squash all year round no matter the weather.
  4. It is a fun, social sport
    Develop friendship with fellow squash players by joining clubs and associations.

Want to play now? Lucky we’ve got 3 courts available for you to play on. Book a court  here.


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