Month: May 2023

3 reasons why you should do Yoga

Tired of strength training or running endlessly on a treadmill to burn calories? Try Yoga instead! Here are our 3 benefits of incorporating yoga into your workout routine: Physical well-being: Yoga promotes physical health by improving flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular yoga practice can enhance muscle tone, increase energy levels, and improve overall body awareness

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Tell us about your role at C-LIFE and what is your favourite part of your job? I’ve been a Personal Trainer at C-life for 10 years and my favourite part of the job is helping individuals achieve their health goals.   How did you get into the health and fitness industry? I’ve always been a

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How long have you been a member at C-Life? I have been a member at C-Life since the 16th of November 2011 and visit between 3-5 times per week. What’s your current training split? I work around a variety of circuit-based Push and Pull exercises; high concentration of legs workouts and I participate in high

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