To become a C-Life Health Club member, you must be a full member of Canterbury League Club.
An application form can be downloaded, filled in and brought to the C-Life to activate membership. Please also complete the Pre-Exercise Questionnaire for your own safety.

Click here to download the application form.


Please read the Terms & Conditions below before completing the On Hold Request Form.

  1. To be eligible for an On Hold period you must hold either a current 6 month Upfront (14 days free), 12 month Upfront (30 days free), any Direct Debit membership (2 months free).
  2. All On Hold applications must be submitted to C Life Health Club 14 days prior to the commencement of the suspension period in order for Health Club Administration staff to process the application.
  3. On-Hold requests cannot be less than 2 weeks minimum period.
  4. C-Life cannot backdate On Hold applications.
  5. All outstanding arrears must be settled before an On Hold application can be processed.
  6. All Direct Debit On Hold fees incurred will be debited on the next debit period.
  7. All Upfront Membership On Hold fees incurred will be payable direct to C Life no later than the first returning visit to C Life.
  8. A separate On Hold application must be submitted to C Life allowing 14 days’ notice, to extend an existing submission otherwise, debits will resume as per the latest application processed.
  9. Members must first utilise all free On Hold period available to their membership before accessing a further 12 weeks, at a fee of a minimum of $5 per fortnight and for a maximum of $30 in total.
  10. Medical certificates will only be accepted after the free On Hold period has been utilised, to avoid an On Hold fee. The medical certificate must be provided to C Life at the same time as an On Hold submission.
  11. Members will receive an email within 7 days of your submission, to confirm the outcome of your application, including the debit periods affected.
  12. It is the responsibility of the member to contact C Life Administration staff on 9704 7712 if you have not received an email confirmation within 7 days of your On Hold submission.

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If your contact details have changed since joining, please complete and submit the following form.