1. Do you have to be a League Club Member to use C-Life Health Club?

Yes. All members of C-life Health Club are required to be Full Canterbury League Club Members. If you are not a Full Member of Canterbury, join now and receive a Free Trial Pass to C-Life that also gives you 50% off our Administration fee when joining on the same day of use. You must maintain your Canterbury League Club membership for the duration of your C-Life membership.

2. Do you have a Ladies only area?

Yes. Privacy is promised here at C-life with our Ladies only area. Get a full workout on a range of Cardio, Weight Training and Free Weight Equipment, and then cool off in our stretching area, all located in our Ladies only facility. With private access straight through to the Female Change Rooms, you’ll experience your own private work out like no other.

3. Can I upgrade or transfer my membership?

C-Life gives you the flexibility to upgrade your membership according to your needs. You may also transfer your membership to another person if needed. Terms and conditions apply.

4. Can I put my membership on hold?

Our C-Life Direct Memberships give you the option to put your membership on hold for 8 weeks every year at no cost. For only $5 every fortnight, you can extend this on Hold period for up to 12 weeks for whatever reason, whether your moving, going for a holiday or just want to take a break. There is also an on-hold option with our C-Life Plus memberships. C-Life Plus (6 Months) allows you to go on hold for 2 weeks and 12 Months Upfront will allow you 4 weeks.

5. Can I have a trial session at C-Life?

Yes. All you have to do is become a Full Canterbury League Club Member and you will receive a free trial pass to C-Life Health Club. If you use the trial pass on the same day of joining you will receive 50% off our joining fee. You can also purchase a 10 Visit Pass (Valid for 6 months) to get you started while you think about which membership option best suits you.

Already a full Canterbury League Club member? Click here to receive a 7-day trial pass.

6. Is there a dress code inside C-life Health Club?

As C-Life is a part of Canterbury League Club, a dress code does apply. Singlets and hats are permitted in the Health Club, however not on entry or exit. No sunglasses are allowed to be worn inside the Health Club or Canterbury League Club.