Month: June 2023


Tell us about your role at C-LIFE, how long have you been here for, and what is your favourite part of your job? I have been working at C-Life for six years and I love it. My favourite part of my job is being the dancing creche attendant. It involves getting a small group of

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How long have you been a member at C-Life and did somebody introduce you to C-Life? I’ve been a C-Life member for 9 years, joining in 2014. I was introduced by a friend I went to high school with, and we initially did spin and boxing classes. Why do you enjoy attending C-Life? It’s like

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Unleash your power with dynamic boxing at C-Life!

Engaging in boxing can offer a challenging and rewarding experience, promoting physical fitness and providing social interaction. Here’s why you should be incorporating boxing into your workout routine ! Cardiovascular conditioning: Boxing involves continuous movement, quick bursts of energy, and sustained effort, which elevates your heart rate and improve cardiovascular fitness. Boxing sessions can enhance

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