Month: September 2023


MEMBER SPOTLIGHT QUESTIONS: Ben Sueni¬† How long have you been a member at C-life? Rejoined the gym in 2016. Started at the Leagues Club using the very old gym upstairs which only had weights before C-life started. Why do you enjoy C-life? The people, staff and trainers. It’s the best place to go about your

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Tell us about your role at C-LIFE and what is your favourite part of your job? At C-Life I am a Gym Floor Attendant, which simply means I attend to any matters on the gym floor. My favourite part would definitely be meeting and getting to know all the great members. How did you get

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The Power of the Hack Squat Machine

In the world of fitness, few machines can rival the effectiveness of the hack squat machine when it comes to sculpting and strengthening the lower body. This versatile piece of equipment offers a multitude of benefits for both beginners and seasoned athletes. What is a Hack Squat Machine? A hack squat machine is a piece

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