Celebrating 15 years of Revive!

Posted on Tuesday, 12 March 2024

This year’s NSW Seniors Festival marks C-Life’s 15-year milestone of Revive, a successful group exercise program for older adults.

Originating as a 12-week initiative to make exercise more accessible, Revive has evolved into a permanent fixture in our group class timetable with five weekly classes and over 20 participants per session. The increase in classes supports C-Life’s long-standing message: staying active is the key to health and a high quality of life for older adults!

Sedentary behaviour in older people accelerates the decline of health, emphasising the need for structured exercise to prevent and manage chronic diseases like heart disease and osteoporosis. With structured exercise, tasks feel easier to complete and quality of life improves.

Thinking of starting an exercise program or know someone who would benefit from some encouragement? C-Life offers introductory exercise programs to all their new members to get you on the right track. For our members over 55 who would like to try Revive, check out our timetable and come along to a class to exercise in a safe and fun environment.

C-Life is celebrating NSW Seniors Festival from 18 – 22 March and will be offering 7-day free trials to new members. In addition, for a short time only, buy a 10 Visit Pass and get 3 bonus visits (T&Cs apply).