Celebrating the NSW Seniors Week With Morning Tea Catch Up

Posted on Monday, 8 April 2024

Last month, C-Life hosted its annual NSW Seniors Week Morning Tea after a REVIVE class. This event acknowledged and celebrated the gym’s senior community efforts in keeping fit and healthy with regular physical activity.

There was a wonderful turnout from our regular REVIVE participants, as well as new participants who joined the growing community. The morning was filled with lively exchanges of stories, laughter, and fond memories shared among our members throughout the years.

“For many, the REVIVE class is a source of joy and companionship in their daily lives. It was also a great opportunity for many to interact with each other out of their usual gym setting,” said Mariana Tolj, C-Life staff member and REVIVE fitness instructor.

One REVIVE participant mentioned, “I wasn’t comfortable exercising by myself, and this class has given me guidance and confidence to celebrate what our bodies can achieve.”

Thank you to everyone who came for the morning tea!