Strapped for time? Wave goodbye to that old excuse and say hello to Blitz! This 45-minute high-intensity program will have you firing up right from the start. Experience the benefits of circuit training. The constant change of equipment will offer variety and the concept of interval training. A program only suitable for those wanting to shred the fat, build lean muscle and take your energy levels sky-high.

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45 minutes

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Monday at 6:00 am
Tuesday at 9:30 am
Tuesday at 5:30 pm

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What is involved?

This circuit program will fire you up! It’s you against the clock as you move through stations that challenge you with either weights or cardio drills.

Why will I benefit?

Suitable for all fitness levels, you will challenge your strength, stamina and cardiovascular system. If your short on time and need a total body workout, this is for you!

What do I need?

Towel and drink bottle

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