Box Express

Boxing at C-Life is huge! High intensity, extreme calorie burning while working on your punches and coordination. Start off with a light cardio workout focusing on the boxing basics.

Then kick off into the ‘real stuff’. You will jab, you will cross and you will uppercut your way through class. Get to know the equipment that the pros use like gloves, focus pads, mitts and more. A great conditioning class that’s both physically and mentally rewarding.

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Friday at 6:30 am

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What is involved?

The ultimate old-school form of fitness, this conditioning class is both physically and mentally rewarding. You’ll learn to jab, cross and uppercut your way through a high-intensity workout of boxing and cardio drills.

Why will I benefit?

Intermittent intensity makes it suitable for beginners to advanced fitness levels, BOX will increase your cardiovascular fitness, increase power, improve coordination and muscle tone. A great all-rounder.

What do I need?

All participants should use inner gloves. Gloves and mitts are provided, however, your own gloves are optional (inner gloves and gloves available for purchase from reception).