WOD 25

Work Out of the Day. 25 minutes of intense functional full-body exercises incorporating equipment such as Battle Ropes, TRX, Plyometrics and much more. (Restriction of 10 per class).

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25 Minutes

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Monday at 9:00 am
Tuesday at 9:00 am
Wednesday at 9:00 am
Thursday at 9:00 am
Friday at 9:00 am

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Skill Level


What is involved?

No two classes are the same. The WOD classes are designed to improve strength and conditioning. The aim is to complete the whole workout in 25 minutes or less. Be prepared to feel the burn through weightlifting, kettlebells, plyometrics, bodyweight and aerobic exercises.

Why will I benefit?

Challenge all domains of fitness – strength, stamina, power, coordination, agility and flexibility.

What do I need?

Towel and drink bottle.

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