Meet Moustie

Posted on Thursday, 3 January 2019

Moustafa Ardati or as his friends at C-Life call him Moustie, has been training with George Boutros since May 2014 at C-Life Health Club.

What sets Moustie apart from other clients that George trains is that he has Cerebral Palsy but that hasn’t stopped Moustie from training 3 times a week. Moustie is a die-hard Canterbury Bulldogs fan and when he isn’t at the gym he enjoys watching games.

‘I have known Moustie for nearly 5 years and each day I see him, he has a smile on his face. Moustie is very committed and dedicated to his training,’ said Arthur Siambis, General Manager of C-Life Health Club.

‘Moustie can be seen around the gym and has become part of the C-Life family. He has not only has a positive impact on others with the same disability but has inspired them to start personal training at C-Life.’

The main message that Moustie uses to inspire is ‘Stay True, Be You.’ The motto motivated others to follow their dreams and stay true to who they are. No two-training sessions that George facilitates are the same.

George focuses on developing and training Moustie in motor function, mobility, aerobic conditioning which involves circuits, body balancing and strength training.

‘I love training with George, he is like my younger brother, we’re always picking on each other, wrestling and joking around. But I feel we get the best out of one another, always looking for ways to imrpove and try new things,’ Moustie said.

Just recently Moustie achieved his main goal of being able to walk and take a few steps by himself.

In 2016, Moustie was invited to present to other C-Life members to help inspire them to achieve their own goals.

All of this has been possible through the support of Canterbury League Club’s ClubGrants program.

The ClubGrants program has been able to support Moustie over the years so that he would be able to continue his training at C-Life.

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