Member of the Month: Brandon Nasr

Posted on Monday, 30 November 2020

Congratulations to Brandon Nasr, C-Life’s December Member of the Month.

Brandon has only been training at C-Life since January this year and joined the C-Life family to improve his health. In the last year, Brandon has come a long way and has shown that hard work really does pay off.

You may have seen Brandon’s stories all over Instagram; we asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better.

Tell us about your health and fitness journey and accomplishment you are most proud of?

I am most proud of my weight loss and muscle gain. Since I started my transformation journey on the 15th April 2019, I still have a long way to go but I’ve come a long way with a huge transformation.

I was a 3XL breaking into a 4XL, now I’m in between L and XL, I have dropped from a 138cm waist line to a 97cm waist line and I have dropped about 30kg in total.⁠

How many times a week do you train and what does your weekly training routine comprise of?

I train 5 days a week; I start off my sessions with 5 minutes on the Power Mill and 5 minutes on the cross trainer then I jump into weights. One day will be arms, legs and core and the next day will be chest, back, shoulders and core. I always end my sessions with 5 minutes on the cross trainer and a nice photo for my Instagram story.

What motivates you to keep working out?

I’ve always been embarrassed of my body, and at the start of my fitness journey, my motivation was that I just felt disgusting – it was quite depressing, but I chose to make a lifestyle change.

My other motivation and inspiration is my favourite wrestler and actor who has the best Instagram page @therock, yes, if you’ve ever noticed me in the gym, I’m nearly always wearing an Under Armor Project Rock T-Shirt because who doesn’t love The Rock.

What’s your favourite exercise in the gym and why?

This one is a hard question, but I would have to say it’s the leg press. At the time of writing this I currently do 485.5kgs and I continue to slowly increase the weight. My short-term goal is 500kgs but one day I’d love to reach 900kgs.

What does being a member of C-Life mean to you?

Being a C-Life member, I feel like I’m accepted into another family and a home where I can use my time to better myself. I always feel welcome and it is the best gym I’ve been a member of so far.

What advice would you offer for new C-Lifers starting out?

Don’t be scared to ask for help from the team, they’re a helpful nice bunch of people that won’t bite.

What are your fitness goals for 2021?

I am still deciding on my goal, but I would love to get into boxing. I’d also love to learn some parkour.

What do you do when you are not training at C-Life?

Taking a rest day 2 days a week, watching my favourite show Seinfeld whilst doing some cleaning and meal prepping or I’d be out at the shops.

We regularly see your posts on Instagram. What is something C-Life members don’t know about you?

I love to train, I love to sweat, I love to increase my weights. If you have any questions for me don’t be afraid to approach me or DM me @brandonnasrfit, I don’t bite.

If you could listen to one song on repeat when training, what would it be?

This is a hard question, but I would go with Warren G featuring Toi “Lookin’ at you”.

What is your favourite post workout meal?

245ml Vaalia Mango Yogurt

45g Pineapple

40g Mango

2tbsp Toasted Walnuts

2tbsp Toasted Coconut

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