Member of the Month: Carol

Posted on Friday, 2 August 2019

Congratulations to Carol Setter for becoming C-Life Health Clubs member of the month for July 2019. Carol has been a long-serving loyal member of the club for over a decade.

1. What motivates you to keep training?

Keeping fit to maintain an active lifestyle, in order to support my kids and grandchildren

2. What’s your biggest achievement since joining C-Life?

All the friends that I have made, this includes the members and the staff

3. How do you make time to fit your training sessions into your busy schedule?

I am retired now, so I don’t have any obligations that I am committed to and can place more focus on my fitness and wellbeing

4. What advice would you offer someone who has just joined C-Life?

I would recommend getting into personal training

5. What does your current training routine look like?

I do the following exercises twice a week: Yoga, Cardio, and Pilates

6. In your opinion what is the biggest advantage of physical activity?

It makes me feel good, physically and mentally

7. How has being a C-Life member helped you with your fitness journey?

Everyone at C-Life is very supportive, easy-going and approachable

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