Posted on Friday, 5 April 2024

You have been a member of C-Life Health Club since 2018. What have you valued most while training at C-Life?

I have really valued the constructive feedback that I continue to implement into improving my fitness journey.

What does your current workout consist of? Has it changed since you first joined C-Life and how?

My current workout mainly consists of Reformer Pilates along with core and weight training. Reformer Pilates has been the new addition since I first started at C-Life and I love the total body workout it gives me.

What is your 2024 health & fitness goal?

My 2024 health and fitness goals are to keep working hard and strengthening my core and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

How does exercise benefit your life outside of the gym?

For me, exercise is a stress relief as it gives me a positive outlook on the challenges at work and home. It has helped shape me into a healthier, happier version of myself.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their exercise journey?

I would tell them that it is a very rewarding journey which sets you up for lifelong benefits. You will make strong friendships along the way in a supportive environment and after the first step you will never look back, only forward onto what else you can achieve.

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