Posted on Monday, 1 July 2019

Congratulations to Christian Mamfredas for becoming C-life Health Clubs member of the month for June 2019. Since becoming a C-life member Christian has come along way showing incredible results in his fitness progress.

1.What have you enjoyed most about the training Program introduced by JP?

Christian has enjoyed weight training, being active and friendly environment

2. What was Christians goal at the beginning of the program?

Weight loss, body structure and improvement in daily diet

3. What was JP’s best piece of advice

Keep working hard and never giving up

4. What other goals has Christian achieved since joining C-Life

Since training at C-Life Christian has lost 15 kilo’s and improved his confidence

5. What keeps Christian at C-Life

The atmosphere, friendly staff and having fun at C-life

6. How is Christians life improved outside of training since joining C-Life

Christian has improve specific facets of his health including increase in energy and enhanced movement and mobility

7. What things did Christian do outside his sessions with JP?

Christian loves to play the following sports: Basketball, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Tennis and Soccer.

Well done Christian keep up the great work !!