Member of the Month: Mary

Posted on Friday, 13 December 2019

Congratulations to Mary Aqualina for becoming the C-Life November member of the month. Mary’s main purpose in coming to C-Life is to keep training as long as possible. And since training with Noor, she has improved her mobility and both mental and physical health.

Mary shares her experience on how training has changed her life for the better.

What motivates you to keep training?

 The feeling that I get after a good workout and the knowledge that I gain such as learning new health benefits and skills.


What’s your biggest achievement since joining C-Life? 

Meeting all my friends whom I have known for over 20 years and gaining muscle.


How do you make time to fit your training sessions into your busy schedule? 

 It’s hard but if I don’t make the time, I start to feel sluggish, so I just make time. 


 What advice would you offer someone who has just joined C-Life?

Keep going it’s a lifestyle choice. My favourite saying is Just Do It.


What does your current training routine look like? 

I’m not one of those people that has a routine and religiously goes to the same class every week or does weights or cardio every week I know it works for some. But I just do whatever I feel on the day. However, I do two personal training sessions a week which I can’t live without.


In your opinion what is the biggest advantage of physical activity? 

Physical activity has helped me strengthen my abdominal muscles.



How has being a C-Life member helped you with your fitness journey? 

Almost six years ago I met this amazing personal trainer called Noor he pushes me to a level I would never have been able to push myself to. I swear at him a lot, but I owe my current fitness level to Noor.

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