Member of the Month: Sue Simonsen

Posted on Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Congratulations to long term member Sue Simonsen, C-Life’s January Member of the Month.

Sue has been a Member of C-Life since 2003 – we are so proud to see her still smashing goals and continuing to improve her health and fitness every day.

You’ve been a member of C-Life since 2003. What inspired you to join?

I was encouraged to join C-Life back in 2003 when I was teaching with Arthur. Given that I am a lifelong Bulldogs tragic and member of the club, it seemed logical and it was extremely convenient since I lived in the area.

What does being a member of C-Life mean to you?

For me, being a member at C-Life feels like coming home. I’m a Belmore girl and although I have now moved out of the area, I still come back to C-Life for the down to earth and friendly vibe.

What motivates you to keep training?

Exercise for me is an outlet and supports my physical and mental well-being. I’m still teaching high school and I love it, but exercise means I stay sane.

You have been training with Angela since you first joined 17 years ago. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Over the years Ange has supported and encouraged me. I had a major back operation in 2013 and without Ange, I wouldn’t have had the great recovery I did. Additionally, I had been doing Pilates at my physio but once I was able to attend Mariana’s classes, I was a convert. She too has been a great support.

Tell us a fun fact or something you do outside of C-Life?

I play guitar (badly) but enjoy it as a creative outlet.

What advice would you offer for new C-Lifers starting out?

If you keep at it the rewards will come.

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