Posted on Wednesday, 12 June 2024

To coincide with Men’s Health Week, we have chosen 3 male members who have built a bond through their fitness routine providing encouragement, commitment and improved fitness and health – physically and mentally.


  • How does exercising together enhance your experience and would you be as committed if you were doing it alone?
  • What are your health and wellness goals for the next 12 months?
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting an exercise program at the gym

Bekous Saad

Thank you for this nomination. Speaking for myself, I have always had an active life. As I had a young family, I found it difficult to find time for physical activity. Going to the gym was always enjoyable but hard to manage within my time schedule. However, with the encouragement from my peers, I have been able to visit more frequently, as coming to C-Life is my new social outlet.

We all enjoy outdoor bicycle riding, so our favourite work out is the spin room at the gym. Recently, we have been going to the weights room with the ‘big boys’ and found that has been also helpful in building strength and endurance for our bike riding.

My advice – when you don’t feel like working out try something new. A change in routine can feel like a new beginning.

My personal goal in the next 12 months is to keep reaching small goals and moving on to the next and seeing my friend travelling this journey with me.

Morris Haserati

The reason I joined C-Life was to improve my road cycling times and effort. Bekous and I share a love of riding and the shared efforts of the gym, and our road adventures have certainly grown our friendship.

Being the funnier and better-looking member of our trio, (ha-ha), having people of shared interests has certainly maintained motivation through the winter months when a warm bed can be so much more inviting than a treadmill and weights.

Finally, Paul, Bekous and I would like to pay tribute to our fourth musketeer, AJ the barista from the Bakehouse Café. Her coffees keep us pumping with energy as we debrief from life and prepare for another day’s adventure.

C-Life has been an awesome lifestyle choice and I unreservedly encourage people to find a friend and come along.

Paul Saad

As for me, I joined C-life two years ago. Due to long hours at the office, I found myself losing fitness slowly. So, after talking to Bekous and Morris, they encouraged me to join their early Gym session at C-life.

Since joining them, I found myself feeling stronger and happier, not only physically but also mentally. We set small goals as Bekous mentioned and we worked on achieving them slowly but surely. We enjoy the variety of the exercise machines at C-Life.

I see myself continuing that path in the next 12 months, to set small goals and work on achieving them. Thanks to C-Life, we can this!