Members of the Month: Satsuki & Paul Field

Posted on Monday, 29 March 2021

Meet C-Life’s April Members of the Month: Satsuki & Paul Field.

How long have you been together and how did you meet?

It is our 20th wedding anniversary this month. We met through a mutual friend soon after Satsuki arrived from Japan – our friend wasn’t trying to match-make; it just happened!

How long have you been members of C-Life and what inspired each of you to start working out? 

We joined in 2019 for different reasons. I had a torn meniscus (too much squash) and needed to start rehabilitating my knee, and Satsuki had a back problem. Both injuries are much better and now we enjoy the gym for general fitness.

What does your weekly training routine comprise of and what motivates you to keep training?A lot of cardio, light weights and we are self-motivated but Satsuki really appreciates her PT sessions with Angela every couple of days.

They say couples who sweat together, stay together – what is your favourite experience training together?

We actually don’t train together but we enjoy the shared experience – and the occasional smoothie after the gym.

What advice would you offer for couples who want to start working out together?

Starting is the hardest part! So, encourage each other at the beginning and then you will be hooked.

How has being a C-Life member helped you with your fitness journey?

We really appreciate the facilities and the range of equipment.

What do you both enjoy outside of training?

Music and family life. Henley Park dog park is the centre of the universe.

What are your future goals?

I hope to fix my knee and resume playing pennant squash (for the Bulldogs, of course). Satsuki wants to stay fit so she can play her musical instrument for a long time.

If you had to describe each other in 3 words, which words would you choose?

This is a dangerous question! Satsuki might throw a smoothie in my face if I give the wrong answer.

Congratulations from everyone at C-Life.

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