Quiet your mind, free your body with Yoga

Posted on Thursday, 22 November 2018

Take time out of your stressful week with one of our yoga classes. Yoga is a good way to help you keep calm, feel relaxed and destress. There are many benefits to yoga that may surprise you!

Some include:

  • Helps you improve your balance
    Being able to stay balanced will help you stay centered. This will be beneficial for any exercise you undertake. It can also prevent you from falling and getting injured as you are more attuned to your body and more focused.
  • Can help alleviate sleep problems
    Not being able to get a good night’s sleep will have you feeling grumpy, mood, and irritable. As you practice the different movements and breathing techniques, it will train your mind and body to relax. This will help you focus and be able to switch off from stressing about trivial matters.
  • Boosting your mood and lowering stress
    Our yoga classes use mediation techniques to help you quieten the mind chatter and focus on breathing. This can boost your oxygen levels to your brain, leaving you happier and healthier.
  • Helps you lose weight
    You will be able to naturally lose weight because you will be no longer stressed.
  • Increase muscle tone and strength
    Some of our techniques include core activation exercises like planking
  • Can lower your blood pressure
    Your blood pressure will be lowered because of the calming energy can slow down your heart rate
  • Improve posture
    Yoga has been proven to improve posture as it helps strengthen back muscles and increase back flexibility.

Come along and try one of our yoga classes, you won’t be disappointed! See our timetable for class information.


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