Running Your First Marathon

Posted on Thursday, 22 November 2018

So, you have decided to enter your first marathon. Where to now?

Preparing for your first marathon can be daunting. But we’ve provided easy tips and tricks that will get you to the finish line.

  • Be aware of your limits and start training early.
  • Set a training schedule. To prepare include running 3- 4 times a week. Make sure to include one moderately paced shorter run, one raced pace short run, one long run and one easy jog. Interval training an also help you prepare for runs like 5k and 10k marathons. Apps like couch to 5k runner or 10k runner, couch to 10k run will help you get started.
  • Buddy up! Sign up with a friend to keep motivated and reach your training goals.
  • Make sure to cross train to avoid injury on your legs due to repetitive movements. Come to one of our many classes especially core. This will help strengthen your abs and core.
  • Study the race course. The course might not be on flat ground, make sure to include running up hill, downhill, bridges, grass and footpaths.
  • Stretch with a yoga class once a week. Your muscles will love it!
  • Run in the rain. Training in adverse conditions will help you practice for the marathon and get you ready for all weather conditions.

Remember why you started and always have fun!

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