Posted on Thursday, 31 October 2019

Congratulations to Angela Ghanime for coming second in the Spring Back Into Action Fitness Challenge Women’s Category. Angela has accomplished a lot since starting the challenge in September. And with the help, of her trainer Angela Hockham she has gone on to lose 6 kilograms and decreased her visceral fat by 3 points in 6 weeks. Congratulations Angela!

Angela shares her experiences about the challenge in an exclusive Q&A.

1. What made you decide to enter the challenge?
Wanting to improve my energy levels, lose weight and tone up.

2. What did you learn most from the Inbody scan?
I learned that low visceral fat levels are critical to organ health.

3. What did the Inbody scan tell you that was significant to you?
It allowed me to understand what I needed to work on to improve my health such as body fat, water consumption, etc.

4. How did your training change compare to what you did before?
I do a lot more weight training now to increase muscle levels.

5. What was the most challenging thing about your new training program?
Going from doing no exercise to now doing 3-4 days a week.

6. What part of your training program do you believe contributed the most to your result?
Focusing on weight training rather than pure cardio.

7. How did the results of your first scan affect your mental approach to the challenge?

It allowed me to understand my body a lot more and therefore I felt much more in control of what was going on.

8. How did the first scan influence your goals?

Rather than having a goal to just lose weight, I had goals that were more focused on measurements and body fat.

9. What recommendations would you give other members who want to start doing PT

The only barrier is your mind, you are allowing it to make excuses for you. Exercise is good for your body health and mental health, for me healthy mum equals happy mum.

10. After your whole experience with your trainer will you continue training with her and why?

Yes, I would. Angela is very understanding of me being a mum of three kids including a baby. Angela is always open to changing her exercise plan to suit my life & did a great job of keeping me motivated.

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