Posted on Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Congratulations to Joseph Chahade for becoming the Winner of the Spring Back Into Action Fitness Challenge in the Men’s category. Joseph has accomplished a lot since starting the challenge in September. And with the help of his trainer George Boutros he has gone onto to lose 5.3 kilograms of fat in 6 weeks. Keep up the dedication and energy!!

Joseph shares his experiences about the challenge in an exclusive Q&A.

1. What made you decide to enter the challenge? 

My wife encouraged me to do it.

2. What did you learn most from the Inbody scan? 

Where my problem areas are and that it gives you an accurate reading.

3. What did the Inbody scan tell you that was significant to you?

It showed where I had the most body fat, and what percentage it was. It also showed me where I should be according to my age.

4. How did your training change compare to what you did before? 

I learned how to use weight machines, as well as doing bodyweight exercises.

5. What was the most challenging thing about your new training program?

It was a challenge getting up in the mornings.

6. What part of your training program do you believe contributed the most to your result?

Mostly it was my PT (George) who was motivating and kept pushing and encouraging me to complete sets.

7. How did the results of your first scan affect your mental approach to the challenge? 

The scan made me determined to improve my scores.

8. How did the first scan influence your goals?

It pointed out my problem areas so George could target them.

9. What recommendations would you give other members who want to start doing PT 

Don’t waste another day NOT doing it.

10. After your whole experience with your trainer will you continue training with them and why?

Yes, I will continue training with him. George is a professional and takes pride in his training and encourages me to push my limits. The personal training varied each time, so it wasn’t repetitive in each session.