Posted on Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Congratulations to Nevine Chahoud for becoming the Winner of the Spring Back Into Action Fitness Challenge in the Women’s category. Nevine has accomplished a lot since starting the challenge in September. And with the help of her personal trainer, Noor, she has gone on to lose 9.5 kilograms in 6 weeks. Keep up the great work Nevine and well done for becoming the champion!!

Nevine shares her experiences about the challenge in an exclusive Q&A.

1. What made you decide to enter the challenge? 

I wanted to improve my fitness and lose weight.

2. What did you learn most from the Inbody scan?

It’s not just about the number on the scale.

3. What did the Inbody scan tell you that was significant to you?

The balance of fat to muscle. It was interesting to see.

4. How did your training change compare to what you did before?

I went from incorporating a few days of strength training to making that my main focus.

5. What was the most challenging thing about your new training program?

Lifting heavy and prioritising this instead of just doing cardio, which is what I would normally do first.

6. What part of your training program do you believe contributed the most to your result?

It was a balance of training and diet. Small daily habits I’ve adopted now that I know I can continue in the long run.

7. How did the results of your first scan affect your mental approach to the challenge? 

It shocked me. I needed that kick-start to get me out of a rut and step it up.
After the first scan, I made a conscious effort to be more positive in and out of the gym and stay focused.

8. How did the first scan influence your goals?

I wanted to make this more about longevity rather than just six weeks. I thought about what I wanted to gain from this challenge which was ultimately a fit & healthy mind & body. So I tried to put my energy and focus into always showing up.

9. What recommendations would you give other members who want to start doing PT?

I think it’s such good motivation if that’s what you want. But you’ve got to want it. They don’t do the work for you, but they make it more fun, until they tell you it’s “the last rep” when it isn’t.

10. After your whole experience with your trainer will you continue training with them and why? 

Yes. Noor is enthusiastic about helping you reach your goal. And he makes every session full of laughs – my abs hurt from the jokes and the crunches.