Staff Spotlight: Susan

Posted on Monday, 27 July 2020

Meet Susan, C-Life’s Pilates Group Exercise Instructor.

Susan has been part of the team since 2011 and believes she was destined to teach Pilates.

We asked her some questions about her journey to find Pilates as well as some other fun questions so that you can get to know her better.

How long have you worked at C-Life?

I have been working at C-Life for 9 years.


How long have you been teaching Pilates?

I have been teaching Pilates mat for 14 years; concentrating on remedial Pilates, Pilates with props, and pre and post-natal Pilates. I have also been a Pilates instructor trainer for many years.


What made you decide to become a Pilates instructor?

It was a natural progression – after years of teaching high energy classes I had the need to put more focus on flexibility, control and spinal alignment. I started to read about Joseph Pilates and his mind-body connection exercises, and I could see he was way ahead of his time.

I decided to shift my focus and make Pilates the main part of my fitness journey moving forward. I did this because I wanted to help people with rehabilitation, and I wanted to teach people about body awareness. Also, I knew a focus on mindful movements would help my clients to improve their quality of life just as it has helped improved my own.


What qualifications do you have?

1990 – University of NSW, Exercise Physiology & Management

1994 – Australian Fitness Advisory Council, Fitness Leader 1

1996 – Fitness Industry Association (FIA), Fitness Leader 2 & Aerobic Conditioning

2007 – Australian Fitness Network, Certificate III in Fitness

2008 – Australian Fitness Network, Fundamental Matwork Pilates & Intermediate Matwork Pilates

Fitness Australia, Gym Floor Instruction

Qualified in First Aid and CPR


What’s been a highlight of your career so far?

Happy to say there has been a few highlights:

  • Teaching my workshops at C-Life (Pilates Fundamentals and Pilates with Props)
  • The fun 80’s retro Stepalates Masterclass that I hosted at C-Life over 2 weeks
  • Pilates instructor to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs (From 2012 to present)


Describe why you love Pilates in 3 words?

Mind – Body – Soul


What’s your favourite part of working at C-Life?

I love the atmosphere at C-Life. We all work together as a team, prioritise great customer service and believe in helping our members achieve their goals. It is definitely the best gym in Sydney and I’ve trained and worked in many!


What would you be doing if you weren’t a Pilates instructor?

I would definitely be working in retail with fashion. I love fashion and providing top-notch customer service experiences. “Look good, feel great” is my motto.


What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? Haha!

Well when the opportunity does arise, I really love watching movies 🎥 and putting my feet up with lots of snacks and just relaxing.

I also enjoy baking 👩‍🍳. I love to bake, especially sweets as I have a sweet tooth.

I’m also a potter so give me some clay and I will get creative.


Pilates is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Click here to view the timetable.

Photo credit: @littlejapgal