• Canterbury League Club Membership card must be presented on every visit to C-Life. Entry may be refused if a Membership card cannot be presented or is not current.
  • Members cannot utilise mobile phones for the purposes of taking photos in any gym area or change room.
  • Each Member must be a Full Member of Canterbury League Club Limited to gain and maintain their membership of C-Life. Expired League Club members will not be allowed entry to C-Life.
  • All C-Life Members must follow all rules & regulations as per Canterbury League Club Membership relating to behaviour standards.
  • All C-Life Members must complete a Pre-Exercise Screen before participating in any exercise activity within C-Life.
  • C-Life Membership commences from the date of purchase and/or Contract signed, unless otherwise approved.
  • Memberships are not refundable or extendable.
  • Transfers of C-Life memberships are available to new members (first time C-Life users) only. Transfers incur a transfer fee, conditions apply.
  • All C-Life Members must be dressed appropriately at all times. This includes appropriate footwear, i.e. joggers. Thongs or sandals of any description will not be permitted entry for safety reasons. No caps are permitted as per Canterbury League Club dress regulations. Singlets can only be worn inside C-Life.
  • C-Life Members cannot be guaranteed a place in the group exercise classes, as numbers are limited for safety reasons. For safety reasons C-Life members will not be allowed entry into classes after the warm up has finished. Members are advised to arrive 10 minutes before the commencement of the class.
  • Change room lockers will be provided at no cost to all C-Life Members subject to availability.
  • C-Life Members are required to remove personal items from change room lockers prior to the end of normal operating hours. Any items
  • remaining in lockers will be removed by C-Life staff at the end of staffed hours each day.
  • Canterbury League Club takes no responsibility for any personal belongings left in lockers or storage areas provided.
  • C-Life Management reserves the right to adjust the group fitness timetable based on demand.
  • C-Life Memberships, 10 visit passes or casual visits do not include use of the Canterbury League Club Squash courts. Normal court hire rates apply.
  • Both Up-Front and Direct Debit C-Life Members must pay an administration fee.
  • C-Life Membership is refundable if cancelled within 7 days of joining however the administration fee is not refundable.


  • C-Life Direct memberships abide by separate terms and conditions as detailed in your contract.
  • C-Life requires 14 days written notification of any changes to the membership, (including cancellations and suspensions), to action these changes.
  • Fortnightly C-Life memberships can be placed on hold without fees for a maximum of 2 months within a calendar year. A $5 per fortnight on-hold fee applies for a maximum of 12 weeks once free period is used.
  • Fortnightly memberships continue indefinitely until the member notifies C-Life to cancel in writing. Cancellation forms are available at reception.
  • Direct memberships have a minimum of (2) fortnightly payments before you can cancel this type of membership
  • Standard and off-peak C-Life memberships will incur a cancellation fee of $200 if cancelling before the minimum 26 debits are completed
  • C-Life is not responsible for contacting you if you cease using the facilities.


  • Ten Visit pass holders may use their tickets for Group Exercise and Gymnasium Sessions.
  • Ten Visit passes are not transferable, not refundable, and not extendable and must be utilised within six months of the purchase date on the pass.
  • Ten Visit pass holders do not receive health checks, but these are available for a small fee.


  • Seniors 10 visit pass holders must be a Canterbury League Club member.
  • Seniors 10 visit pass holders must provide a seniors card when purchasing a Seniors 10 visit pass.
  • Must complete a pre-exercise screen prior to the purchase of a new pass.
  • Seniors 10 visit pass may use their tickets for both Group Exercise and Gym sessions.
  • Seniors 10 visit pass has a 6 month expiry.


Provides access between the hours of 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday plus normal operating hours on weekends. Access to C-Life outside these times will incur a $5 fee per visit.


  • All Junior C-Life Members must have written consent from a parent or guardian who is a current Canterbury League Club Member before being accepted for membership.
  • The minimum age of a Junior C-Life Member is 15 years of age and proof of age must be provided in the form of a Passport, Birth Certificate or Drivers Licence.
  • A Junior C-Life Member must upgrade to a full membership as soon as they turn 18 years of age in order to continue as a C-Life Member.
  • Junior C-Life Members must abide by all rules and regulations as per normal Canterbury League Club membership.
  • Consenting parents must be present at the time of applying for Junior C-Life membership.
  • If no parents exist then a Statutory Declaration must be provided stating the person accompanying the prospective C-Life Junior Member is the legal guardian.


  • An administration fee applies to both C-Life Upfront & C-Life Direct Debit memberships
  • If renewing your membership within (1) month of expiry no administration fee applies, however re-joining after this period the administration fee is payable.


All on-hold applications must be submitted to C-Life Health Club 14 days prior to commencement of suspension period in order for Health Club administration staff to process the application.

C-Life staff cannot backdate on hold applications. You must submit a separate on-hold application to C-Life for any extensions on current holds or normal pay schedule will recommence once the on-hold period has expired.

1 Month Upfront, Casual passes and Promotional offers are not entitled to an on-hold period, as per the terms and conditions when joining.


  • Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 2 months free suspension
  • $5 per fortnight On Hold fee applies for a maximum of 12 weeks once free period used
  • On-hold fees will be debited from Members accounts unless otherwise stated


  • Can be suspended for a maximum of 2 weeks and 4 weeks respectively per membership term

If you wish to put your membership on hold, please click here


  • Casual Visitors are not entitled to use of the crèche or receive health checks.
  • Casual Visitors are not permitted entry outside of normal staffed operating hours.


  • C-Life Direct Debit Standard Fortnightly and Off-Peak Direct Debit memberships will incur a cancellation fee of $200 if cancelling before the minimum 26 debits are completed.


  • Towels must be used on equipment at all times. Towels are available for hire or sale from reception for a small fee.
  • Outside of normal operating hours Members must utilise their own towels as towel hire is not available.
  • As a courtesy to other Members, body deodorant is recommended.
  • Members are requested to keep the door closed when using shower cubicles.
  • Showers are not available outside of normal operating hours.


  • Members may access C-Life outside of normal operating hours. In doing so they realise that C-Life is unsupervised at these times and they acknowledge that whilst they exercise they do so at their own risk.
  • Members wishing to train after normal operating hours must be current C-Life Members and must have their membership card with them at all times.
  • C-Life Members without membership cards will be refused entry by Canterbury League Club Reception Staff.
  • Members who owe outstanding fees will be refused entry and asked to pay outstanding amount during normal operating hours.
  • C-Life Members accept that due to safety reasons certain areas of C-Life are not available for use outside of normal operating hours.
  • C-Life Members seen to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry.
  • Junior C-Life Members are not permitted entry outside of normal operating hours.
  • C-Life Members are not permitted to utilise any free or promotional passes outside of normal operating hours.

*Normal operating hours are those hours in which there is staff on duty within C-Life.  To view opening hours click here.


“I recognise that participation in this activity involves the risk of injury to my person or my property. I acknowledge that whilst I participate I do so at my own risk”.

I will not hold C-Life, Canterbury League Club Limited, it’s staff, Management, Members, servants, or agents liable for any personal injury or loss of property that I may suffer whether caused by negligence or omission of any of them.

For security and safety reasons C-Life Health Club’s after hour’s facilities are limited to the main gym floor with (1) toilet facility available. There is no access to the following areas – Men’s and Ladies change rooms/showers/steam rooms, ladies gym, Studio’s 1,2 and 3


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